When faced with the challenge of building a new facility, or making modifications to an existing facility, there are many decisions to consider.

The Frye Engineering team works closely with you to deliver solutions that properly balance the appropriate technologies with optimized processes and variable resources. We strive to achieve the best possible design to help you achieve your goals.

Facility Engineering & Design

The success of a logistics operation evolves from process design, product characteristics, storage and handling methods, and anticipated growth considerations. Using a comprehensive approach, Frye Engineering evaluates the facility capacity and constraints in storage and throughput requirements for meeting current and future needs.

We define:

We look at existing requirements and future growth plans, along with systems and technology, to come up with a design that works now, and well into the future.

Engineering Support Services

There will be times when you need help extending the team you have in place. Frye Engineering is able to augment your team resources with both design and project assistance that will support you and your objectives.

Material Handling & Software Solutions

The integration of Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) is potentially the most critical piece of your distribution puzzle. Your WCS is what manages the flow of product through your facility and allows each of your systems to operate with the right capacity and provides visibility to performance. Frye Engineering is experienced with detailed engineering and implementation of integrated material handling systems that will keep your facility optimized.

"After 15 years as President and CEO of one of the largest material handling companies in the world, I think that I know this market very well. I know the keys to growing the revenue line, the gross margin line and the net income line. The secret to success in this marketplace comes when you can ‘out concept’ your competitor‚Ķin other words give the customer the biggest ROI by selling the most efficient system at a reasonable price.

I met Bob Frye when he was at Interlake many years ago. Unfortunately, late in my career I too often had to sit across from him as a competitor. He knows the technologies in the material handling automation market, but more important he knows how to integrate these technologies into a system or a solution for the prospective customer. 

Bob’s experience and expertise would be a tremendous asset to any company contemplating a materials handling system integration effort. More importantly, you just cannot afford to have him working with one of your competitors.”

Pete Metros
Fmr. President and CEO


Facility Engineering & Design

Engineering Support Services

Material Handling & Software Solutions

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